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North District, Taichung City山鯨燒肉 | 漢口店

Yakiniku restaurant, Barbecue restaurant at No. 70-1號, Section 4, Hankou Rd, North District, Taichung City, 404

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4.6 (5927 comments)


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Closing Time: 21:00


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100 points for the environment, 200 points for the service, and 1000 points for the food. I really enjoyed eating, and the waiter served us at the table throughout the whole process. Especially the waiter Yuzu, super professional! ! ! I'm really very very satisfied. I will definitely eat there again next time I come to Taiwan.

This time I came to Taichung with my friends, and I chose this mountain whale roast pork for lunch. This is a room decorated with care, full of Japanese style, and a little ghost element combined with childishness, it is very suitable for taking pictures. This time I ordered a non-beef set meal for two, and one bowl of rice was turned into beef rice with a price increase. Overall I think the soup is great! The soup is thick but not greasy, and the cabbage is also very sweet and delicious. The follow-up waiters will come to help add soup from time to time. Flax salad, the sauce is specially prepared. It is different from the flax salad dressing usually bought in hypermarkets. It is richer, but not bitter, and has a peanut aroma. It is just right for two to three people. If there are more If so, I think it will be a bit boring. Matsusaka pork, streaky pork and duck are all good, but my favorite is the middle chef's special marinated Matsusaka pork, which suits my taste and is very bomby, even if it is cold, it will not have the smell of oil consumption. Tangyang chicken and salmon maw are above the standard, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, so be careful not to burn them. There is also a grilled yam with mentaiko, because the bottom layer is yam, so it tastes very refreshing! Two-person Korean-style pork belly, part of the pork belly is really rich in fat, it is recommended to eat with lettuce next to it. At the end of the dessert, I ordered a cheese. I think the taste of the cheese itself is great, but the addition of the jam on it is a bit of a steal, which is a pity. The toilet has dental floss sticks, mouthwash, and clothing fragrance, which is very considerate. Today, it costs about 1,000 yuan per person. I think the CP value is very high!

Super delicious. Order a set meal for two, including hot pot, thin sliced ​​pizza, appetizer salad, side dishes... The point is that there are a lot of meat slices and a small steak. The portion is large and the meat is fresh. Sometimes events are held. The xp value is quite high.