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Xihu Township, Changhua County溪湖阿讚豬腳爌肉飯

Taiwanese restaurant, Restaurant at 514, Changhua County, Xihu Township, Section 3, Yuanlu Rd, 忠工路口

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Open Time: 06:00


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It's a very old storefront, there is no obvious signboard outside, but as long as the store opens, there will always be crowds! A place where many tourists and local residents join in~ The main thing is to eat his pork rice, the big bowl is cheap and solid, there are about 10 kinds of side dishes, and the price impression is only 30 yuan/plate! Soups include clear soup and miso soup. You can take it yourself unlimitedly. There are seats inside, but because there are too many customers, most of them sit at the same table to eat, and everyone is used to it. It feels like returning to your own place to eat~ There is a lot of traffic on the road in front of the store, so you can park on the opposite side of the road. There is no convenience store nearby, so it's just a little inconvenient! All these are paid in cash, and there are outdoor seats. If you want to smoke, please respect the left and right guests, and go to the side alley to smoke by yourself! There is a toilet inside, so don't worry about urinating urgently and pooping ~ I saw many celebrities go there, which shows that it has a long history!

delicious! Authentic ancient taste

Skin that melts in your mouth Must eat