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Sinpi Township, Pingtung County牛肉友

Taiwanese restaurant, at No. 66號, Zhongzheng Rd, Sinpi Township, Pingtung County, 925

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4.2 (2750 comments)


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Open Time: 07:30


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A Must-Try Guide to Delightful Dining in 📍Pingtung「#牛肉友」! 🔺Indulge in the delightful flavors of our dishes they’re truly amazing! Just catching a whiff will make your stomach growl with hunger! 1.Beefy Delight • Pronunciation: 牛肉友 Niú Ròu Yǒu • Description: Savory beef dish that will leave you craving for more. • Remark: Aunt’s nimble cooking hands ensure a quick and satisfying meal. 2.Multitasking Marvel • Pronunciation: 一個人顧三個爐 Yī Gè Rén Gù Sān Gè Lú • Description: A solo chef tending to three stoves, ensuring swift service. • Remark: Despite the bustling crowd, the quality never falters. 3. Bountiful Guests • Pronunciation: 滿滿的客人 Mǎn Mǎn De Kè Rén • Description: The restaurant is always bustling with a full house of diners. • Remark: Savor your meal amid a lively ambiance. 4. Hassle-Free Parking • Pronunciation: 有免費停車場 Yǒu Miǎn Fèi Tíng Chē Chǎng • Description: complimentary parking facilities. • Remark: Park worry-free while you relish your meal. 5. Soup Refills on the House • Pronunciation: 可免費續湯 Kě Miǎn Fèi Xù Tāng • Description: Refill the soup without any extra charge. • Remark: Keep your bowl brimming with flavorsome broth. 🔺Signature Dishes: 1. Rare Beef Tendon Soup • Pronunciation: 牛心管湯Niú Xīn Guǎn Tāng • Description: Indulge in the exclusive beef tendon soup, a rarity elsewhere. • Remark: Experience a taste sensation like no other. 2.Beef Stew Rice • Pronunciation: 牛肉燴飯 Niú Ròu Huì Fàn • Description: Savor the rich and hearty flavors of our beef stew rice. • Remark: A comfort food that’s bound to leave you satisfied. 3.Sautéed Beef with Scallions • Pronunciation: #蔥爆牛 Cōng Bào Niú • Description: Enjoy the enticing aroma and flavors of our sautéed beef. • Remark: A perfect blend of tender meat and fragrant scallions. 4.Assorted Beef Organ Soup • Pronunciation: 牛雜湯 Niú Zá Tāng • Description: Delight in the unique flavors of the assorted beef organ soup. • Remark: An adventurous choice for the bold diner. Conclusion: Don’t miss out on this culinary adventure! To savor the mouthwatering delights that await. 很值得試試看! #chinese #學中文 #tutor #Taiwanese #mandarin #mandarinlessons #onlinechineseclass #中文課 #華語 #华文 #bilingual #language #台灣 #taiwan #中国語勉強します


The best beef soup rich and delicious. the food served quickly and the price is reasonable. parking is convenient . ❣👍