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Beitou District, Taipei City鍋董日式涮涮鍋 新北投旗艦店

Shabu-shabu restaurant, at No. 741號, Daye Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, 112

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4.3 (1973 comments)


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Closing Time: 01:30


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Individual pot and make-you-own-sauce style. We went during lunch on the Mother's Day and sat at the bar because all tables were full. The three of us shared two Mother's Day specials (beef and seafood combos) and exchanged two coupons for additional free plates of lamb. Plenty of delicious food and we loved it! The restaurant often hands out coupons. Great value and will definitely return.

I didn't enter until almost two o'clock in the afternoon. no queue The first time I ate hot pot, I was so happy And surprise When ordering, the clerk will help you click share to get the discount After ordering, pick up the sauce and see a table full of rich dishes Rich enough to make me wow! bang In this way, it only cost 560 in total (280 for one pot) no service charge But the service is much better than many places that charge Take the empty plate and refill the soup, at least three times the dish looks about the same But every ingredient in it is not sloppy Taro loose Q is considered basic, pick it up halfway through cooking The corn is still very sweet after cooking The pumpkin is also boiled to the end and half of it has melted, it is still very sweet and delicious Even if it is sweet or not, it is also specially made, the kind that can only be bought in Japanese supermarkets and is very expensive. There are two kinds of bean curds. They are fried once in a lifetime. Even the fried ones will turn into soft skins like raw ones without the smell of oil consumption. Triangular fried tofu is solid inside and is twice as thick as normal FB fan group check in and share to get 50 yuan coupon Although the meat is very thin, it will not be broken. It is just suitable for eating after a few rinses. Birthday stars share with free meat cakes in the current month I thought it should be used to make up the numbers. Unexpectedly, the proportion of two large flower branches is so high that it blooms as soon as it is shaped in a pot The main body of the cake Matsusaka meat is crispy I thought so Meat to the end A live shrimp jumped out!

Delicious 😋