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Zhongshan District, Taipei CityChi Wei Restaurant

Restaurant, at 17- 號 No. 2, Shuangcheng St, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491

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3.8 (773 comments)


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Open Time: 11:30


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The food is good and it is very delicious. The way they cook the spaghetti is different than united state. I guess Italian people will hate it. I do like the way they cook the food, and it has free ice cream and it tastes better than the ice cream you buy from supermarket. It uses robot to deliver the food to your table.

I personally like the taste very much. The service of the store staff is very good. When students come, they will also serve soup or fresh milk tea. The dining environment is very good and there are many things to eat.

Hidden in Qingguang is a high-CP noodle house with many students and an ever-increasing crowd! What’s special is that there’s also a bar counter inside! The menu is diverse, with many different types of meals to choose from, such as pasta, risotto, omelette rice, light meals, and snacks⋯ 🍴Buttery Chicken Pasta - Free extra pasta because you have a student ID! I thought the quality of many of the meals would be sloppy, but the flavor is very rich and the noodles are very chewy. It tastes better than many pasta houses. The cream is not greasy and the chicken is very tender! 🍴Pork Chop Rice - The presentation is like a rice bowl, and the side dishes inside are very home-cooked! The pork chop is crispy and not bad! 🍴Puff pastry soup - The soup is rich! The puff pastry won’t be sour in your mouth after eating it! 🍴Chicken fillet - is an option in the set meal, with high cp value! I would like to try different meals next time! The toilet is clean~👍🏻