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Beitou District, Taipei CityCOMEBUY_北投奇岩

Ice cream and drink shop, at No. 482號, Section 2, Sanhe St, Beitou District, Taipei City, 112

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3.8 (48 comments)


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Closing Time: 23:00


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Comebuy is a handheld drink chain next to Beitou Qiyan Station. I ordered freshly brewed barley black tea and rose Pu'er tea, both of which were sugar-free and lightly iced in large cups for only 35 yuan. Fresh barley black tea. This hand-cranked drink is full of wheat flavor, and its taste is very fresh and sweet without any sweetness. It is very suitable for friends who like pure tea. Very refreshing and doesn't make me thirsty. Rose Puer tea. This hand-cranked drink is very rose-flavored and very relaxing. It has a very mild taste and a very strong tea flavor. This drink is also available with no sugar and slightly iced, and is highly recommended to those who like pure tea. I think this drink is perfect for women as it has a very soft and feminine taste. I have tried their other pure tea Poseidon before. It tasted weird and I don’t recommend drinking it without sugar. The above is my personal opinion. Everyone can give it a try! Comebuy hand-cranked drink shop is one of the few hand-cranked cup shops where you can see tea leaves. I felt very reassured that they use tea bags for fresh brewing. I think this is a very good practice as it ensures the quality and taste of the drink.

It's in the comebuy that I drank Ice volume, sweetness, taste consistent over time

Wenshan Baozhong is delicious, the quality is good, and the attitude of the clerk is very good~ I will definitely come to buy it every week. Love it👍