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Datong District, Taipei CityJIATE 南西店

Ice cream and drink shop, at No. 2-1, Lane 25, Nanjing W Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, 103

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2.6 (62 comments)


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Youth is delicious, sour and sweet, sour and sweet

The tea is still the same, but the rhyme is more fragrant! After work on Friday, I immediately flew to my favorite Zhongshan District! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a hand-cranked drink. I can’t justify not having a drink in this weather. I happened to see this beverage store, which is very close to the MRT station, but I haven’t bought it before. Come and have a drink this time! The business is super good, I still have at least 2.30 cups waiting to be made after I bought it!! (no exaggeration) And don’t you think the LOGO of the cup is very similar to the tiles of the old house. It has a strong traditional style and is so elegant. I ordered a few cups this time to share my experience with you. I believe that you will be fascinated by this drink just by looking at the menu! Hey, that’s right, I’m the one who orders by name XD . First Taste of Life $60 Using Taiwanese lemons with black tea or green tea, the sweet and sour taste is really like life, bitter but also joyful! . Youth $70 I just turned 25 and suddenly felt that in a few years, I would have nothing to do with the word youth (no!!!!) Hurry up and have a cup of Squeeze, which contains honey, lemon, and aloe vera. Sure enough, youth is about sweetness! . Obsidian $75 This cup was ordered by a friend. In fact, it is chocolate fresh milk tea. The store gives you a lot of chocolate powder!! By the way, you can get free fresh milk tea + a serving of pearls, and pearl lovers don’t want to order it yet!! . Jewelry Box $55 The name of this cup is super cute. It is winter melon brick with grass jelly and taro garden. The sweet taste is super suitable for those who want to drink and eat dessert! . Open Flower World $70 This cup is my favorite! I’m a milk cap lover and I decided to get this cup immediately after seeing it. His milk cap is not too salty but not tasteless. The most important thing is that it’s solid, so it’s not easy to mix with tea. It’s very suitable for me. The kind of person who eats milk and covers!!! . Phoenix Green Club $70 (summer only) I really have to recommend the selection of this store. The pineapple is very sweet and very finely chopped. It is super refreshing with green tea and aloe vera!! My dad ordered this cup, and he is full of praise from those who love fruit drinks! Come to JIATE to cool off this summer! 📍JIATE Nanxi Store 🏠No. 2-1, Lane 25, Nanjing West Road, Datong District, Taipei City 📞(02)2558-2099 🕑11:30-22:00 🚇 Zhongshan Station (1 minute walk from Exit 4) #北京美食#北京必吃#Taipei Drink#手摇饮#手控品品店#JIATE #中山站食品#中山站品品#Green Line Food#红线食品#手操饮指推荐#品系推荐#必饮品品店# Taiwan must drink #台湾必饮哥品店#foodie #food #eat

After drinking it twice, I think this drink is delicious! The fruit tea series are highly recommended! 🤩 The first time I drank apple and pearl black tea, it was so delicious~ This time I ordered the French blackberry grapefruit fruit tea and it was great! However, the sweetness of sugar-free is almost the same as that of half-sugar~ You can drink the pulp!