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Taishan District, New Taipei City高地泰式燒烤火鍋

Barbecue restaurant, at No. 57號, Section 2, Mingzhi Rd, Taishan District, New Taipei City, 243

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3.2 (101 comments)


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Although many negative reviews say that the store has been helping to change the baking paper to shorten the grilling time, but if you don't change it, the baking pan will actually be very oily, and the meat will also be very oily, so it is really necessary for the store to help change it~ During this meal, the four of us ate about seven plates of meat, reordered the cabbage once (every plate except clams can be refilled), and changed the baking paper twice. The boss was also very friendly, and the overall dining experience was pretty good~~~ The disadvantage is probably that there are less types of meat, but it is still very satisfying😆

The boss's service is very good. Although there are only three kinds of meat, it is still delicious and worth eating.

At the beginning, I saw a lot of people gave very low evaluations, and I was a little discouraged, and they said that they looked terrible. My husband said that I should go and have a look. The evaluations are really different from person to person. The result is that it is really not that bad. That’s the price. What is reasonable to give? If you want to compare it with Food Paradise or other all-you-can-eat restaurants, you will feel that there is nothing. Now when a chicken leg bento costs more than 100 yuan, it is really reasonable to give these 329 yuan. I think I really want to laugh at some people’s comments. They even have to say what kind of music they play It’s also a pop song, isn’t it? In addition, the service is very polite. In fact, I’m not a person who likes to write reviews because typing is slow, but today’s experience made me decide to fight for him. Good stores must encourage more to survive. I hope there will be A good cycle makes Taishan more and more stores, better and more diversified