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Zhongzheng District, Taipei CityDrbeef East Gate

Butcher shop, Cattle market at No. 70號, Linyi St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100

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4.3 (553 comments)


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Open Time: 09:00


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Their beef soup was spectacular! Thinly sliced raw beef and thinly chopped ginger w hot soup poured over to cook it to perfection. The meat was so sweet and the broth was really flavorful. I asked for more ginger and they gave me a whole bowl of it so I was really happy! Their braised beef rice was so delicious as well. Rice cooked well, great seasoning. I also highly recommend their white sliced beef. Very garlic forward, super nice pungent taste. The shop owns a cattle ranch n distributes beef, so the quality is guaranteed.

Went with their recommended option, which is the clear beef broth with raw sliced steak. The recommended cut is the fillet, which is nice and tender. Enjoyed it as an alternative to the standard beef noodle places. Having said that, I would personally suggest to go with additional meat, either of the same cut or of a different cut.

I don't eat beef much, but the fried beef is a must try!