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Zhongshan District, Taipei CityBa Fang Dumpling JiLin Restaurant

Dumpling restaurant, at No. 89號, Jilin Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491

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3.5 (623 comments)


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Open Time: 10:30


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Super delicious, I think the most delicious one is gathered from all directions. The service is very kind, and the aunt is super nice. Drink love! push! Bafangyunji is a chain store of pot stickers and dumplings in Taiwan. Overall, I think it tastes better than Four Seas Youlong. The environment is relatively tidy. From time to time, it will renovate the interior and exterior design. It is a dynamic and well-managed brand. However, even though they are all chains, there are differences in whether they are delicious or not. I have eaten in so many restaurants, and I think the most delicious dishes are gathered here! Near the intersection of Changchun Road and Jilin Road, the Jilin store next to the Ami Hotel, the food is very delicious, and there are also cold drinks that are not available in other stores. I like the signature taste, and I must eat "signature pot stickers". The original flavor is the most classic. This one must go with their cold weather drinks, especially the one with soy milk. I think the black tea is a little bit cold, but the taste with soy milk is just right! The quality of the food here is good. In the afternoon, the employees are making dumplings and pot stickers in the back seat. During the busy production, the hygiene here is very clean, and it is reassuring to eat. Especially the service, the auntie is very kind, I don’t like barley very much, she specially made me a cup of "Hantian barley soy milk" with less barley, it is delicious! You can drink the love of auntie, and I will definitely come again!

Very good, fast delivery

The vegetable and meat wontons are delicious! The drinks are also good. . It’s a great place to sit down, take a break, recharge your batteries and enjoy yourself when your feet are sore after walking around shopping.