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Datong District, Taipei City寧夏夜市-里長伯麻辣臭豆腐鴨血和麵線

Taiwanese restaurant, Deli at No. 22之9號, Ningxia Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, 103

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3.6 (2341 comments)


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Love it or hate it, the pungent perfume of stinky tofu announces its presence. This fermented tofu treat is fried until golden brown and crispy, intensifying its already polarizing aroma. Cutting into the tofu releases a wave of funky, cheese-like piquance, an umami bomb. Dipped in sweet chili sauce and sweet sauce along with homemade kimchi, the crispy tofu balances its polarizing aroma with a pleasantly mushy texture and subtle savoriness. An intense experience for the senses, fried stinky tofu is a unique street food daring you to take the first bite.

They have a shop and another stall in the night market. Their stinky tofu is very smelly. I love it. Lol! They cut the tofu in small cubes which is easier to eat. For the taste, I give it 5 stars

I visited Ningxia Market and had the fried tofu and stinky tofu with duck blood soup. I enjoyed the food so much that I came back for a second visit. The stinky tofu and duck blood soup were delicious, bursting with flavor. The stinky tofu had a fantastic taste that I couldn't get enough of. The fried stinky tofu was especially tasty when paired with the chili sauce, and the pickled cabbage complemented it with a sweet and sour touch. What made the experience even better was the friendly staff. They noticed our appreciation for the soup and generously gave us more. Overall, it was a great dining experience, and I highly recommend trying these dishes at Ningxia Market.