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Zhongshan District, Taipei CityCreative Ramen Yuuzen

Ramen restaurant, at 10491, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Linsen N Rd, 487號1 樓 209 室

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4.5 (798 comments)


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▎Store: Creative Ramen Leisurely ▎Area/Nearby Location: Taipei City/MRT Zhongshan Elementary School Exit 3 ▎Meal time: 2019/1/9 18:00 ▎ Queue Status: None ▎Ramen Name / Price: Hokkaido Soup Curry Ramen "Dadi"/$280 ▎Configuration: Default Finally have the opportunity to taste the leisurely ramen that has been on the pocket list for a long time! Today's Serenity No. 6: Hokkaido Soup Curry Ramen "Dadi" After the boss brought it up, he just thought wow! This color is too bright There are six kinds of vegetables, both fried and grilled. They are delicious in color and flavor. I thought I came to an izakaya! The soup is full of aroma, and the layering is great. Spicy, sweet and sour come in sequence, and the fragrance lingers on the tongue but can be easily finished. The specially made pumpkin noodles are soft and have a dense texture when bitten down, which is very special! Even I, a person who prefers hard noodles, like it! The char siew is two slices of fried chicken thigh, thick and delicious. The special curry custard egg is rich and delicious. Full of new ideas, it is worthy of creating ramen! This month only available from 1/9 (Wed)~1/13 (Sun)! I will give 10 points out of 10! The sixth work is also a highly completed and unique soup curry ramen! But I still have to complain a little bit that the store is really small, and I have to bother the customers next door to pour water, which is a bit uncomfortable.

Taipei's most sincere salt-flavored ramen with Taiwanese ingredients! The grilled chicken char siu and the slightly burnt rice fragrance in the rice bowl are very appetizing, you must order it first! The chicken lice soup base that has been boiled for a long time is completely integrated into the ingredients, and the noodles absorb the soup and taste delicious. Next time, I will consider eating the noodles first and then eating with a mouthful of soup and a mouthful of rice. It feels more delicious~

Although the store is very small, with only 6 seats, the Japanese-style decoration and the flat panel playing Japanese programs make you feel like you are in a small ramen shop in Japan! The soy sauce ramen is delicious, refreshing and delicious, full-bodied and mellow, with moderate saltiness. The soft-boiled eggs have a special taste of longan honey. The dried bamboo shoots are very crispy and have a sweet taste. Overall, the balance is very high. It is a rare and delicious light ramen.