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Songshan District, Taipei City長勝君捲蛋餅專賣店

Brunch restaurant, Restaurant at 105, Taipei City, Songshan District, Xing'an St, 171號後間

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4.5 (1107 comments)


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Open Time: 08:00


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This is a real must try when you are in Taipei. The owner makes all the pancakes in house and uses vegetable oil when making the pancakes. They are crispy and non greasy. The pancake fillings are very tasty with a good variety for vegetarians as well. A full size pancake is a whopping 30 cm long. Try the Phili Cheese Steak filling, it's amazing! We went there for breakfast, really great alternative to the traditional hotel breakfast. Just a note his store moved to the small alleyway and is not facing the main road anymore.

Kimchi Pork Tycoon Burger $55, mini size about 17cm The slightly spicy kimchi is my favorite flavor, highly recommended Ice and fire condensed milk (mini) $50 This flavor is considered a dessert, only mini size, and no eggs There is butter + condensed milk inside, similar to the concept of Hong Kong-style ice and fire butter. Unexpectedly delicious! The egg pancakes and Tycoon Burger are both delicious, and the environment is clean and comfortable The price is a bit more expensive than traditional egg cakes But if you come to the store and chat, I think it’s worth it. It’s super cheap compared to those fake brunch places. The above report is completed~

Although the specialty of this store is the 30cm egg pancake, in order to have more flavors, I chose the smaller egg pancake (15cm). Whether it is for dine-in or take-out, you have to order at the door. Today is for dine-in. There is no waiter to deliver the food. There will be a number board to call your order. You can take it by yourself and collect it after you finish. It is self-service, which is very convenient. The skin of this egg pancake is very crispy, which is different from ordinary egg pancakes. It is very special and tastes a bit like shaobing or pancakes. The egg pancakes are not greasy at all and you can eat them one bite after another. It’s my favorite texture ♡ In fact, I’m full after eating two 15cm mini egg pancakes, and the portion is quite sufficient. Of course, if I have the chance, I’d like to try the 30cm one. The Italian-style pizza pig tastes really like pizza, the spices are very flavorful, and it is very delicious; the beef flavor of the Philadelphia beef is very prominent, which is also delicious; I can’t tell the presence of eggs in both of them, but this is just right for me. Like it very much XD My favorite is the Ice and Fire Condensed Milk (without eggs). It has the same filling as the Ice and Fire Pineapple but has a different texture. The sweet and ice-cold condensed milk paired with the crispy crust is really delicious. I want to eat it again next time. You'll be thirsty after eating it, so it's good to drink it with a cup of soy milk and black tea. Overall, it is a very high-quality store, with well-decorated interiors and bathrooms. The overall CI design is very cute. The signboard and packaging bag are very special. The mascot Xiao Changshengjun (?) is very well drawn. The packaging bag of the egg cake has small holes, maybe to allow the egg cake to breathe (?) , it feels like the store is very attentive. All in all, it’s a store worth trying.