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Beitou District, Taipei City又香自助餐館

Restaurant, at No. 309號, Zhixing Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, 112

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4.1 (50 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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It's clean, delicious, and has a wide variety of dishes to choose from; the boss and his wife treat guests warmly and kindly. It is a rare traditional buffet delicacy in Guandu area; it is a store with high quality and low price. Although there are more new buildings and "luxury homes" near the Baliguandu Bridge, there is not even a decent affordable gourmet buffet restaurant. It's been almost 20 years! It's still like this. No wonder my son and daughter-in-law don't want to live in their new home on Longmi Road after they get married. When riding an iron horse from Taipei City to the lane next to Guandu Palace, I have to take a special detour to have a meal at Youxiang Buffet. Why? Affordable food too.

Braised Chicken Leg Bento $105 Taipei City House Number The price is very reasonable and fair The era of soaring prices You'll know if you're cooking it yourself The store sells you a bento for around 100 Is it possible to make a lot of money for you? The only pity is that the food provided for internal use is a bit small. Maybe it’s because the rice is delicious, but I’m a little unsatisfied The landlady is friendly and the interior is clean and tidy. Worthy of five-star praise