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Beitou District, Taipei City水美食府

Restaurant, at No. 224號, Guangming Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, 112

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4.1 (59 comments)


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Open Time: 07:00


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Water Restaurant serves traditional Beitou restaurant dishes, which are authentic and delicious. The signature deep-fried pork ribs are must-orders, with crispy skin and soft and tender meat; the aroma of tea fu oil eggs is full of fragrance and good taste; crab roe tofu goes well with rice; crispy fried shrimp balls with vegetable salad are refreshing and not greasy; chicken soup with vegetables is mellow and delicious , can't help but drink a few more bowls; after dinner, the crispy taro balls are full of taro aroma, and there is a whole salted egg yolk.

Because only two people can eat it Can't order too much I’ll look for two more next time You can eat more dishes Ordered this time |Typhoon Shelter Soft Shell Crab When I ate it, I had no idea it was crab. The coat is a bit thick Crispy and delicious |Crab Roe and Tofu Pot Fortunately, I didn’t order rice. Otherwise, you will definitely eat them all Dishes to go with rice Tofu is tender and tastes good The third dish is what I personally think is a must-order. |Cheese Fried Taro Balls Taro balls that can pull strings Delicious! (Although it contains salted egg yolk which I dare not eat) Also, I don’t know if it’s a hotel box or a lobby. From time to time there is the sound of karaoke singing And the singing is quite surprising Because it really doesn’t sound very good It slightly affects your dining enjoyment There are no customers at 6pm on a Sunday night We were the only table at checkout Waited at the counter for a while while checking out None of the three service staff came to settle the bill But the service staff’s attitude is very good 👍

Surfing that day, it was fun to see Shuimei self-cooked epidemic prevention package. Decided to buy a set of frozen dishes from Rumored Fenghua Restaurant, and have a look. The two black ice packs are full and free of delivery. One contains two flavors of stewed and braised beef noodle dishes, and another package contains five dishes of Shuimei's own gold medal dishes, namely: Beitou pork ribs, secret beef short ribs, white fungus stewed red lotus, black garlic stewed chicken soup and yam pumpkin Lotus seed soup. Also attached are two time-limited bathing coupons of Shuimei Hot Spring Club, which feels like a profit. Except for noodles, which can be self-cooked, other special dishes are unpacked and heated to eat, which is most suitable for people who are lazy. Pick stewed and braised beef noodles to try. At first glance, the noodles look thin, but they are also firm and elastic. Unfortunately, the portion is too small, and it disappears after three bites. Fortunately, the amount of beef is large and satisfying, which can fill the void. The clear stew is fragrant but not strong, the tendons and muscles are distinct, soft and tender; the braised soup is deep and not oily, and the meat is elastic and chewy.