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Shilin District, Taipei City一彤麻辣鴛鴦涮涮屋

Hot pot restaurant, Shabu-shabu restaurant at 11158, Taipei City, Shilin District, Fuguo Rd, 9號1樓

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4.8 (1476 comments)


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Open Time: 11:30


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In the evening, I brought my parents and family to eat at this newly opened spicy hot pot restaurant. The name of this restaurant is Yitong~ I decided to bring my parents to eat together when I heard about it~ And the advantage here is that appointments are required~ Make an appointment Just go~~ I've been looking forward to it since it started to be renovated, and the decoration did not disappoint~ The large glass outside is transparent and clean, looking from the outside to the inside, the tables of hot spicy hot pot are very warm and comfortable , as soon as the automatic door opened, the scent of prickly ash wafted through the nostrils, making people drool. After entering the door, it was simple and elegant, not too fancy, and the location was spacious enough, and it looked very comfortable. Soon after taking the seat, there was a very good-looking person Come to help us explain the order, and later found out that it is the store manager! ! The waiters inside are very warm and friendly, and take the initiative to care~ I think their spicy hot pot and Hakka sauerkraut pot are both good, and you can choose two flavors in one pot, so you can try their different flavors. Their spicy hot pot is really good It's delicious~ If you like spicy food, you must come and have a look. Duck blood and tofu——both delicious👍👍👍👍, tofu and duck blood are not too rotten, very bomby taste ~ and if it is not enough, you can add more! ! Good news for me, a big eater Vegetable plate——👍👍👍 No merits, but taro and corn are the highlights~ I will adjust it after hearing about it~ I look forward to eating it next time. Iberico pork belly——👍👍👍👍👍Highly recommended~ My parents said it was delicious! ! Don’t cook it for too long, it’s delicious after soaking it in a spicy pot for a few seconds~~ My wife said that it’s also delicious when eaten in a Hakka handmade sauerkraut pot! ! Super pair of these two flavors~very right~~ (That's the taste, that's the taste!!!) Yitong Kung Fu Tender Chicken—seems to be very good too! My mouth is watering when I hear the name, and I heard that their tender chicken is hand-beaten, and they massage the chicken! But when I wanted to order it, the handsome store manager said sorry that we have sold out! ! I can only take a look at it next time~ Strictly selected beef back shoulder —— 👍👍👍👍👍 In the end, I chose this as the main dish, and it is also a big recommendation. The meat quality is very delicious, it will not look like beef that has been frozen for a long time, and the thickness is also ruthless~ It will not be cut very thin like some hot pot restaurants, with a little taste nothing. Yitong’s special sand tea——👍👍👍👍 It’s next to the general sand tea sauce. I think it must be eaten at a glance. It’s delicious with some garlic and green onion, no need to adjust anything~ Black plum smoothie, winter melon lemon smoothie and lemon black tea——Personally, I like dark plum smoothie and lemon black tea, these two are eaten with hot pot, stimulating different taste buds will really increase your appetite unconsciously~~ Ice cream——I use Meiji’s ice cream. Meiji’s food has always given me a good impression~~ There are four flavors, among which I love matcha~~ So I only ate matcha, but I don’t know what to eat I’m too full or something, I think the taste of matcha is not enough~haha~ go to eat before eating hot pot next time and then evaluate~~ Finally, to sum up, I think the amount of meat of the two kinds of meat is just right~ My 190 big man is full, and my family also eats it with great relish. Although this restaurant specializes in spicy hot pot, you can also come if you don’t eat spicy food Eat it~~ My mother doesn't like spicy food, but she can also make two pots: Japanese bonito pot and Hakka sauerkraut pot, which is also very happy to eat. Generally speaking, their soups are very distinctive, and I am amazed! I feel that there is a ulterior motive in the check~ I am still reminiscing about the aroma of the peppercorns when I go home and write a comment. The attitude of the service staff is also very good, the serving speed is not slow, and the environment decoration is generous, clean and comfortable ~ it is very suitable for eating with friends and families, and will come again next time! ! !

Have been here multiple times throughout the years. Food is fresh and soup base is great. You can get duck blood and tofu refills for the mala soup base. The beef, chicken, and pork slices are great. Lamb slices are a bit too fatty for my liking. Unlimited drinks and meji ice cream. Great friendly service as well. I typically will call ahead to make a reservation as it can get busy. I’m a huge fan of their Qnoodles, really chewy and yummy!

The taste is great and delicious 🥳