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Beitou District, Taipei CityAi Zi Cai Braised Pork Rice

Chop bar, Deli at 112, Taipei City, Beitou District, Huanggang Rd, 33號樓433號

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3.8 (3250 comments)


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Closing Time: 13:00


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Good braised pork rice my second favorite Taiwanese local food around my house taste is good got the oyster soup this time and wow loaded with fresh oysters!

No exaggeration, when I came to eat at 7:30 in the morning, I queued up. Fortunately, there were not so many people in the morning. It took about 20 minutes to eat. , mixed with rice to eat, the whole bowl of rice is salty and sweet, the meat is dry and the stewed meat is fat but not greasy, the taste is slightly sweeter in the south, the stewed meat is full of gelatin, and it will stick to the mouth when you eat it. The pork ribs in the rib soup are soft The pork ribs are tender and delicious, the ribs are a bit like crispy ribs, but the flour on the outside is not as thick as ordinary ribs. The winter melon in the soup is also dense and delicious. The soup is very sweet and delicious. It is also oily but not greasy and delicious, and the stewed cabbage is even more delicious and sweet. I heard that these small dishes are often sold out and you will not be able to eat them. If you want to eat, it is better to come early

Every time I think of eating braised pork rice on holidays, I will never forget it: Caijing magazine recommends "Aizai Choi Braised Pork Rice" on the second floor of Beitou Market, which is well-known in Taiwan. In fact, the price is cheap, where will it be sticky and gelatinous after eating? (1) Lips, (2) Bowl bottom, (3) Bring your own sanitary chopsticks or spoons to wipe with toilet paper, it will definitely stick to it like glue. Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice, which is also recommended by netizens, has more gelatin than this! . I am a woman, every time I drive for 30 minutes, I must order at least 1 large bowl + 1 small bowl to be refreshed when I am full, braised tofu/braised eggs (don’t waste the juice in the bowl and add it to rice)/braised bamboo shoots/hoof meat, if Arrived after 12:30 noon, and then queued up after that, often the braised vegetables were almost sold out. Sometimes when I called 09xx on Google, the boss would pick up the phone accidentally. It was not to disturb his work, but because he was afraid that he would make a special trip and run away. The short-haired boss who spoke is really a portrayal of a professional worker, praise~