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Neihu District, Taipei CityCheng Shin Goose Carrefour Neihu Store

Chinese restaurant, at 114, Taipei City, Neihu District, Minshan St, 88號1樓

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3.1 (83 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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The goose meat in the goose rice is oily, chewy and not smoky at all. The rice is also clear-cut, which I like, instead of the soft and rotten lump that often happens in traditional snack bars. The aroma of goose oil + scallion oil is full, and it is satisfying. The desire to eat goose rice 👍The spinach on the side is boiled and has no seasoning. It can be stirred into the rice to add to the taste. The soup of meatball soup is not a tasteless clear soup. It also has the taste of goose fat and scallion oil. It tastes sweet and refreshing, and the small meatballs are also delicious. The three-color eggs chosen as side dishes are relatively useless, and they are not unpalatable even if you don’t particularly like them. When I visited between 8:40 and 50 pm that night, I discovered that it was close to the closing time of 9:00 that day. The other stores were closing and not accepting customers. However, the staff of this store still provided good service and the meals were maintained. Good quality and dedicated spirit. I hope the boss will encourage you more🤣 Conclusion: I am very satisfied with the food and service. I really don’t know why the overall rating is so low@@

It must be said that it is not uncommon for semi-self-service food courts like this to have indifferent or slightly poor attitudes. However, based on the price and the deliciousness of the food, I think it is much better than the well-known restaurants nearby. The portion of goose is reasonable and the meat is soft. Tender, fresh and sweet, the side dishes are also salty and suitable, paired with soup and sauce, you can eat at this level for around 150, it is worth recommending

First of all, there are no five-star reviews given away here. Their signature goose rice does not have large slices of goose meat, but it tastes good, but the meat is slightly less. The portion size is pretty good, but there aren't a lot of vegetables. At $110, it's a pretty good price. The individual set meal is more recommended, $140, plus a plate of vegetables and a bowl of soup. The price is acceptable in the store, and the taste is really good. I think their spicy radish should be the best product after goose. It really goes well with rice. The important thing is that it is free. 😂 Their rating is not very high, it seems because there is a service staff who is not very good, but I didn't encounter that (maybe he left the company). To balance their actual situation, I gave five stars🌟. But in fact, I think that based on the standard in the store, at least 4.1-4.2 pieces 🌟 are worth it.