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Sanchong District, New Taipei CityGia-Fine Sanchong Zhengyi Branch

Restaurant, at No. 331號, Zhengyi N Rd, Sanchong District, New Taipei City, 241

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4.4 (1069 comments)


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Closing Time: 00:30


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Ordered white sauce + pork and spicy + sea and turf (beef belly and clams). The white sauce soup base is delicious, without the heavy milky taste of the milk pot, it tastes much more fragrant and the cheese is a plus! The spicy hot pot is slightly spicy, which is just right for people who only eat spicy food! Only the layer of spicy oil floating on the pot is spicy. The main dish is sea and turf: the beef belly has tendons, so the taste is not very good, but the clams are very big and they are still alive when they are served! ! ! It tastes completely sandless, and the pieces are big and plump (I remember there were about 12 pieces, but they were not delivered when I took the photo, so my memory is blurry). Although the sea and land requires an extra 20 yuan, I think the 20 yuan is well worth it because of the clams. oh! The dishes are very generous and you can tell by looking at the photos. The food is served very quickly. The staff may be a little busy because it opened soon, but it is within the acceptable range😄

The signature milk pot is really not a fuel-efficient lamp. It is super rich and has cheese slices to help out. It will make people want to drink soup one after another 😅 The original soup is also used when adding soup, so the soup will not be diluted This one is very recommended! By the way, the service of the clerk is also a plus 😉

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. It’s delicious!