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Zhongshan District, Taipei City五年九班

Brunch restaurant, Breakfast restaurant at No. 20-1號, Dehui St, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 104

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4.2 (472 comments)


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Open Time: 07:30


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The food was portion was large and delicious. The boss and staff were very friendly and understanding of my picky eater. I love the thoughtful decor of the place, original school desks refurbished. It brought back nostalgic feelings.

Basil chicken with 2 kinds of egg on 3 layers of toasted bread. Chicken is very flavorful, the thin crepe egg in the sandwich goes well with the 2nd layer of mash egg. However, wam milk tea is more milk than tea. Overall, very fulfilling and delicious.

Gao San Xiao Charcoal Grilled Toast is a relatively popular and systematic brand of charcoal grilled toast in recent years. The original intention of the establishment was to commemorate Tamsui Tamkang Middle School, which is Jay Chou's alma mater. I am also a student of Tamkang Middle School, haha! Decades ago, I transferred to another school in my third year of high school and did not graduate there. But the funny thing is, my high school memory is only Tamkang Middle School. Maybe the scenery is too beautiful to forget it! In the summer breeze, sunny and hot weather, warm memories, heartfelt. When I first returned to Taiwan a few years ago, after seeing the news about the founder of Gao Sanxiao on TV, I went to the Nanmen Market Store (it should still be open now?) and tasted the so-called charcoal barbecue in a nostalgic mood. Toast, but to be honest, from the perspective of catering, it is just a fashionable toast shop that can be walked around. In addition to the slow delivery speed, the toast is not as solid as it should be. Once you pick it up, it will fall off. It’s a mess, and the meal feels like a mess. In my impression 𥚃, there are only three-star reviews at most. I just passed by on this trip and found that there is also a restaurant in the Shipai area. After breakfast, it’s almost noon, and my stomach seems to be a little bit Empty, parked the car, entered the store, and found, how is it similar to the feeling a few years ago? It's a mess. It turns out that it's trial operation today, and it hasn't opened yet. I can imagine that chaos is inevitable. I ordered a Hungarian pork chop, a ham and cheese egg with flower sauce, and the same thing. Waited for a while, haha! I finally called the number. When it was delivered, my eyes lit up. It seemed that there was something different. After I bit it down, the taste was different, and the taste became more delicate. It felt like evolution, and I ate it bite by bite. , watching the walls of the store become chalky, as if going back to the past, revisiting the bits and pieces when I was studying, my wife said I was crazy, and smiled while eating. To be honest, you can only smile when you experience it yourself! It is recommended that everyone have the opportunity to go for a walk when the school is open for inspection and experience the good times of Tamkang Middle School. The toast is exquisite and the taste has been upgraded, which is why I gave five stars, but there is still room for improvement in the beverage part. Of course, it cannot be compared with professional beverage stores, but eating toast, drinking coffee or milk tea It seems inevitable, haha!