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Fuxing Township, Changhua County阿義手工麵線|福興手工麵線

Noodle shop, at No. 9, Lane 129, Fuxing Rd, Fuxing Township, Changhua County, 506

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A traditional way of making Taiwanese noodles, One of my favorite traditional Taiwanese cuisine. No artificial ingredients , nor preservation chemical added. Not many people willing to produce this type of noodles in traditional way. This is a must visit spot.

Fuxing Township in Changhua is close to the sea, with strong wind and abundant sunshine. It is a good place to make handmade noodles. Today, only Fuxing Ayi Handmade Noodles are left to persist, and they do not want to lose their traditional skills for a hundred years. The Linjia Ayi noodles in Fuxing Township, Changhua are the third generation, and they do not want traditional skills and century-old shops to be lost. , the old traditional house yard is covered with noodles when the weather is sunny. If you want to visit FuXing YiShou Gong MianXian , Fuxing Ayi Handmade Noodles, Fuxing Township, Changhua County, it is recommended to set the navigation address first: No. 9, Lane 129, Fuxing Road, Fuxing Village, Fuxing Township, Changhua County (as shown in the picture above). It is similar. It is recommended to park your car beside the 129 lane of the main road. There is a big pond beside it. Walk in for 2 minutes. Once you enter, you will see a small acrylic sign on the left hand side, a retro courtyard house, and a high hanging next to the door. The small signboard [Changhua Fuxing] Lin's handmade noodle (Ayi noodle) noodle tea will arrive, very easy to find, and those who are destined will naturally see it.

The location is in Lincuotou, Fuxing Village. An old couple made white noodle noodles by hand. They were dried in the sun and had a faint fragrance, which is different from ordinary red noodle noodles. Nearby is the Dapai River Basin for dragon boaters.