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Baihe District, Tainan City阿臭麵店

Restaurant, at No. 50號, Kangle Rd, Baihe District, Tainan City, 732

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4.1 (47 comments)


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Open Time: 12:00


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Baihe's environment and food quality are both the first choice Fried wontons - the crispness is excellent, and the meat inside is also very flavorful, and the deep-fried flavor will not cover the taste of the meat. Fried pork ribs - really fragrant, not too many bones, thought the pork ribs would be old when fried, but the meat was so tender! Sesame sauce noodles-a small bowl with a bowl of soup is enough to eat. The noodles are wide and flat. The sesame sauce is just right, not too much or too greasy! Chrysanthemum Broth - It's the first time to eat chrysanthemum meat lo mei, no matter whether it is lo mei or soup, the meat quality is the same! The seasoning of the soup is just right, not too salty, but not tasteless, making people want to finish it! Cold cucumber - slightly sour, don't worry about sour, crisp enough, refreshing and relieves greasy! A high-quality store that will make people want to go again and again!

Sesame paste noodles and bone broth are my love, The kimchi in the pork rib rice is sour and sweet, so tempting. And business is very good, please be patient!

Delicious fried wontons, other dishes have a lot of servings, and I am super full. It's a pity that there is no stinky tofu now.