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Zhongshan District, Taipei City小天海鮮燒烤

Restaurant, at No. 55, Lane 119, Linsen N Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491

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4.5 (63 comments)


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The steak was grilled very well. I usually don't like to eat corn shoots, but this was the first time I ate delicious popcorn shoots. Every slice of garlic was fragrant with milk. I highly recommend it. The grilled fish is super fresh, every bite is fragrant and tender, and it’s only NT$300. It beats most restaurants in Taipei! The boss was very kind and chatted with us. There was no menu, and he asked us first if we wanted affordable, mid-range or high-end. Although the store is small, it does a lot of delivery and takeout, and the seafood is freshly grilled, so you have to wait a while to get delicious meals. And the seafood is all served that day, which is great!

The boss is very enthusiastic, and the grilled fish is really super recommended! The fish meat is super tender and tastes great💖 A whole box of sea urchins is really enjoyable! If I want to eat sea urchin in the future, I just want to come here to eat it! Fresh and delicious, the cp value is super high! Oysters 🦪 have no fishy smell, and I fell in love with them when I was afraid to eat them~ The overall experience is really enjoyable😎Although the meal needs to wait, I think it is definitely worth it, hidden alleys and delicious food 👍🏻👍🏻 push push push 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻

I'm so hungry I don't know what to have for breakfast~~~ So... I found a hidden store👍🏻 Every dish is so delicious that it explodes😍 🌽Creamed baby corn is fundamentally sinful 😂 Grilled fish 🐟 The fish meat is super soft, tender and juicy 🥩The short ribs are juicy and delicious 🍥Not to mention scallops~ 🍯Cream seasoning tastes fresh and sweet and the aroma of creamy milk directly flies to heaven😍😍 🍶🐚Rice wine head clam soup Not only are the big clams meaty and sweet, but the soup is super warm when you drink it❤️ The boss is super Asha Li and super easy to get along with The spicy noodles in the store are really suitable for people who eat spicy food! So spicy that you feel comfortable... There is no menu in the store, so you can find what you want to eat directly in the refrigerator~ Any dishes are guaranteed to be delicious, so come here when you don’t know what to eat during the awkward breakfast time