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Beitou District, Taipei City立農西中合璧式早點

Breakfast restaurant, at No. 280號, Section 2, Linong St, Beitou District, Taipei City, 112

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4.3 (63 comments)


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I came too late and only had white glutinous rice balls, but unfortunately I didn’t get the purple rice flavor. A rice ball 40 is a little more expensive than Neihu breakfast rice balls, but the rice balls are larger and have more ingredients, so the price is very acceptable. White glutinous rice has a harder texture, so if you like the soft and glutinous taste, you may have to spend more effort chewing it. Personally, I can accept it. I feel that the satiety is better than other rice ball restaurants. There are many kinds of meat and vegetable ingredients. You can ask the store. Youtiao is an additional ingredient. If you don’t want fried dough sticks, tell the store as soon as possible. Ingredients today include sauerkraut, bamboo shoots, dried radish, spicy dried radish, minced meat, dried fish, dates, hot dogs, burdock vegetables, assorted vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, corn, vegetarian floss, pork floss, and braised eggs 1/ 4. There are quite a lot of varieties and it’s easy to fall into the choice barrier hahahaha Different people make rice balls with different ingredients. I prefer the rice balls made by young people (Toki). It’s better to come earlier next time. After climbing the mountain, I just brought it with me to use as dry food. I can eat very full.

The boss and his wife are super nice, the rice balls are delicious and the soy milk is delicious. A breakfast restaurant full of human touch

A rare rice ball with optional toppings, priced at NT$40 each. You can choose white rice or purple rice. The glutinous rice will not be too dry and hard, and the ingredients inside are also very fresh. The soy milk is also very delicious, I recommend everyone to have it for breakfast. There is only takeout here, no inside use.