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Xizhi District, New Taipei City沙拉王國

Salad shop, E-commerce service at 221, New Taipei City, Xizhi District, Lane 20, Fu'an St, 20號無對外開放

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Delicious, high Cp value

2023/6/30 This time it’s with the group again, a comprehensive sushi $120 and a bean curd sushi $120 The last time I ate a large comprehensive sushi, I thought the bean curd sushi was very delicious, so I bought an extra box of bean curd this time. Sure enough, it's still very delicious once you eat it, praise! --- The first time I bought it, it was with a group purchase I bought a box of large comprehensive sushi for $220, the price is relatively high, not cheap, and the packaging is very textured Hana Sushi - There are two vinegar rice that are more sour, and the proportion of meat floss in the bag is higher, the taste of the meat floss is more obvious, and the taste of the taro wrapped in taro paste is not obvious Seaweed sushi - wrapped in meat floss and cucumber, the meat floss package has more meat floss and more obvious taste Bean curd sushi - The rice rolls are relatively small, and the bean curd has a chewy texture when bitten and is delicious Overall, the sushi is fresh and delicious, next time I will buy bean curd sushi in addition to Hana sushi!

🥗Salad Kingdom🥗 Food is very careful very fresh and delicious Super Love Three Color Mashed Potatoes sushi is solid Be sure to buy seafood salad next time 🤤