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Xinyi District, Keelung City三六九包子饅頭

Steamed bun shop, at No. 258號, Xin'er Rd, Xinyi District, Keelung City, 201

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4.1 (52 comments)


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Open Time: 06:00


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In this shop, the buns are all handmade and you will see them being made in front of you. The brown sugar buns with dried fruit and seeds are excellent. The red bean paste and sesame baozi are also delicious.

I think the best white steamed buns in Keelung It’s only 12 yuan a piece, very solid Although I can’t quite taste the sour taste of old noodles

When I visited Keelung, a local friend gave me three flavors of vegetable buns - potherb, shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots, and dried plums. They were all delicious! Thanks to my boss for being so considerate, and thanks to my friends for loving me so much💕 👍Xuelihong: Mixing the cabbage evenly made me change my mind even though I didn’t like Xuelihong in the first place! (I used to think Xuelihong was too salty, but the boss’s mixed cabbage is very sweet and delicious!) 👍Shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots: You can feel the boss’s attentiveness to the delicate bamboo shoots. How on earth is the super full amount of ingredients packed in? Haha... 👍Plumb pickles: The aroma of prunes mixed with peanut powder seems to be spicy but not spicy. I am also a person who is afraid of the saltiness of pickled pickles, but this steamed bun has no such problem at all. It can be called a special dish!