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Linkou District, New Taipei City比薩.起司品味廚房(PISACHEESE)天然起司 純手工披薩、義大利麵

Pizza restaurant, at No. 408號, Section 1, Wenhuasan Rd, Linkou District, New Taipei City, 244

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4.5 (1495 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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Taste: 80/100 points, Italian cuisine, excellent taste, will visit again. Price: about 200~400 yuan (single serving) Environment: The decoration design is in a bright style, suitable for the whole family with children. Service: impeccable. This experience: PIZZA is freshly baked with thin crust, and it takes about 15-20 minutes for the food to be delivered after ordering. If you are too hungry, you can order appetizers first. The stewed rice uses long rice, the rice heart is half-cooked, so the taste is slightly firm, and the sauce is fried and tasty. It is a very successful and delicious stewed rice. The store space is bright and uncrowded, which makes the depressed mood brighten up. Overall, the price and service are not inferior to 500 yuan restaurants, so it is not an exaggeration to give 5 stars. Today's meal: Stewed rice with half gluten and half meat in truffle wine (those who are not used to Italian meals can recommend this dish) Hungarian spicy chicken wings (appetizer, chicken wings are marinated, fried just right and not dry, great) Seafood served with PIZZA with slightly spicy crab roe sauce (the umami taste is obvious, it is a pity that the taste of crab roe sauce is overwhelmed by the cheese) Lemon-scented honey apple PIZZA (the best of the day, the strong lemon fragrance makes the taste refreshing, and there are large slices of apples)

We happened to meet the chef cooking in person, and the four of us deliberately ordered different restaurants, including pasta with red sauce/green sauce/white sauce and porcini mushroom risotto. The most recommended is the stewed rice, the juice and aroma are just right. I will try more other stewed rice dishes next time. The three types of pasta vary slightly in the doneness of the noodles. (Theoretically it should be the same batch of hot noodles time) The clams in white sauce should have a thicker white sauce and insufficient time to collect the juice, making the noodles hard. The soup for chicken legs with pesto sauce is thin and not enough to allow the pesto sauce to coat the noodles. The red wine stew of half gluten and half meat makes it soft and chewy, and the soup is rich enough. The overall evaluation is worth recommending, and I will continue to use it again.

Great food for all the family. Pizza, pasta and chipa were great! Would definitely eat here again