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Guishan District, Taoyuan City余家店水煎包

Breakfast restaurant, at No. 6, Legong St, Guishan District, Taoyuan City, 333

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3.8 (43 comments)


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Open Time: 15:00


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Absolute tips: 1. Eat it just out of the oven. 2. To be covered with chili sauce. Crispy, fragrant, spicy, addictive! Be sure to follow the above 2 rules, the food is first-class

Since eating in China, the price has not increased until now. buy almost every week Recommend to friends around say it is delicious (A cup of Zhennai has already risen to 50-60 yuan, and a fresh decoction bun is only 10 yuan a day without any price increase. It is really a good local merchant worthy of recommendation and support) Super delicious when fresh from the pan Aroma of lard and crisp taste of cabbage Golden crispy and fragrant with fried noodles I've bought it for so many years and never seen burnt You can tell the boss that you want it crispier It was just released in the afternoon at about 2:50 (open at 3:00) It is recommended that people who are not in a hurry must try the freshly baked taste It's a pity that the late arrival will not be crispy because of the heat preservation Spicy is more delicious, I really recommend it

The outer skin is crispy, the inner filling is full, the fragrance is tangy, and the taste is solid. Serve hot!