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Sanxia District, New Taipei City初原麵場

Ramen restaurant, at 237, New Taipei City, Sanxia District, Zhangfu St, 17號1樓

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4.8 (1829 comments)


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Open Time: 11:30


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I know this store because I saw the signboard when I went to the Houdao restaurant on the second floor to eat. After asking, I realized that it sells Japanese-style ramen. In addition, I found time to come to try something new with my family. Since there is only the owner in the store, most of them are self-service. Orders are ordered by machines, and the tableware and recycling parts are also self-service. The time to come is relatively late, and the taste of miso It has been sold out, so we ordered the chicken broth and soy sauce tonkotsu. The chicken broth is light, suitable for those who don’t like heavy tastes. It is light and salty but rich. The ramen is cooked to a moderate hardness. I personally like it, especially in the soup Chinese cabbage is added, which has a sweeter taste but it will not conflict with ramen; my younger brother who is traveling with me ordered soy sauce tonkotsu special, and added five pieces of char siu pork. I think it is more suitable for boys. Before leaving, I took pictures at the entrance of the store, and the boss also chatted enthusiastically. In short, I currently have a high degree of favorability for this store, and I will visit again.

The boss will carefully introduce the differences in different flavors. The soup is rich and the noodles are just right in softness. During the process, the boss was also very enthusiastic and came to chat with us haha. The two of them insisted on taking a photo after finishing the soup and would recommend it to their friends!

Ramen full of craftsmanship! Chuyuan Noodle Shop on the second floor next to Sanxia Old Street has a small store space, so you have to wait in line when there are a lot of people. The young boss and shop assistants constantly pay attention to the dining and waiting situations inside and outside the venue, and they also care about and greet guests who are dining or waiting. Even though it takes a while to dine in smoothly, I feel even more excited because of the considerate greetings from the store from time to time! The store uses an ordering machine to order food, and tableware and tea are self-service. This time I ordered chicken white soup and miso tonkotsu ramen. The seemingly thick soup tastes surprisingly refreshing and sweet! The noodles are thin noodles that are cooked to a medium softness and texture, and are paired with slightly chewy cabbage. The chopped green onions and seaweed slices sprinkled on top also add layer and flavor to the soup. The barbecued pork slices, one of the protagonists, are moderately fat and lean, with a soft and tender texture. The seasoning is very appropriate and you can taste the fragrance of soy sauce. If you like barbecued pork slices, you can add a slice of meat to your order. When you come to Qingshui Ancestral Temple on Sanxia Old Street, you might as well come to Chuyuan Noodle Shop for a bowl of rich yet refreshing ramen!