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Zhongshan District, Taipei CityMenya ITTO

Ramen restaurant, at No. 29號, Section 1, Nanjing E Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491

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3.9 (6927 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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Delicious! Very chewy dipping noodles. Not sure why some reviews are so low, we had a fine time here and the food is great. Served ridiculously fast too.

Menya ITTO is a popular ramen restaurant in Taipei known for its authentic and delicious Japanese ramen dishes. Here is some aspects from that I can highlight: - Menya ITTO is serving rich and flavorful ramen broth, made with high-quality ingredients and traditional Japanese techniques. The broth is often the highlight of the meal, satisfying the taste buds of ramen enthusiasts. - They’re using top-notch ingredients, including tender chashu (braised pork), perfectly cooked noodles, and fresh toppings that complement the overall dish. - The chef has attention to detail in every aspect of the dining experience, from the presentation of the dishes to the attentive and friendly service. - The restaurant’s cozy and inviting ambiance creates a comfortable dining

【Tokyo Chicken Rice】Delicious! The chicken soup is super rich, served with tender chicken and white rice, it is really delicious! It's a pity that the portion is a little less~ [Super Thick Fish Sauce Tsukemen] Noodles can be added, and the portion is large. The ingredients include pork and chicken char siu, two pieces of seaweed, two pieces of chicken balls, and a soft-boiled egg (there are original flavor and wine flavor to choose from). The warm-bodied char siu is really smooth and tender, and it is wonderful to pair with the slightly firm and springy ramen and the rich fish broth! If the soup is cold, you can ask the waiter to heat it up, it will be more delicious! There is also chicken cartilage in the chicken meatballs, which is full of taste. Female customers will serve a [ice cream dessert] at the end. The taste will change. Those who have eaten matcha and vanilla, this time they meet the blueberry flavor, which is very dense~ The waiters [have a very good attitude], although they are very busy, they still take into account the feelings of each customer, and try their best to serve customers, give 100 points!