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Hualien City, Hualien County拉麵 匠心食堂

Ramen restaurant, Brunch restaurant at No. 12號, Mingli Rd, Hualien City, Hualien County, 970

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Open Time: 11:30


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first visit A very unique ramen shop, Guests will be seated in the seating waiting area in order by the clerk. The clerk only serves one group of customers at a time. After the customer orders and settles the bill, Only then will the next group of guests be seated. Fortunately, I was the first group of guests, Sitting for two by the window where I most want to sit. There are only two kinds of ramen soups today: Tonkotsu and Kuroshio. I ordered tonkotsu. The soup was rich and too salty for me. But the noodles that absorb the soup are paired with green onions and shredded bamboo shoots. It feels smooth and combined with the rich soup. The most amazing thing is the barbecued pork and candied eggs. The barbecued pork is tender and melts in your mouth. It melts immediately when you pick it up with chopsticks, and it doesn’t feel greasy when you eat it. The yolks of the candied eggs are also just right in flavor👍 Desserts include cheese and caramel pudding, As expected, dessert is another stomach (laugh) The cheese is rich and the caramel of the crème brûlée is very fragrant. The burnt aroma of caramel is really amazing❤❤❤ I want to try other soups next time I go to Hualien😁😁

The preparation time is long, and a bowl of ramen is ready in 10 minutes - not including the waiting time of the people in front. In this way, the boss is also selling. However, the noodles, soup, barbecued pork, and toppings are really nothing to say, and they are very suitable for Taiwanese tastes. Rich but not too greasy, the chicken and dolphin soup has a slightly saltier taste than chicken soup. The rest is that the waiting time is a bit long.

It was my first time to travel to Hualien, and I was lucky to be able to eat such a great craftsman ramen. It was noon on a normal day and it was still raining. We didn't have to wait long to be seated. However, the chef only made one bowl of ramen at a time, so we still had to wait a while... The fragrant and thick soup, the char siu pork that melts in the mouth, candied eggs, dried bamboo shoots, shredded black fungus and other ingredients are all processed to a very high standard. A highly recommended ramen shop