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Shanshang District, Tainan CityZhen Meiwei Breakfast Restaurant

Restaurant, at 743, Tainan City, Shanshang District, 號

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4.9 (39 comments)


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Open Time: 04:00


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Walking alone on the street in the cold New Year's Eve morning, the simple traditional breakfast shop beside me caught my attention. The approachable price and rich menu seem to tease the taste buds and stimulate the appetite that has not yet awakened. When I came back to my senses, I was already standing at the door of the store staring at the menu in a daze. "What does the handsome guy want to eat~" A burst of friendly greetings brought me back to reality, I swallowed, and ordered the bacon egg toast and iced black tea that I have never forgotten. I have tried the bacon and egg toast at the breakfast shops in the Greater Tainan area. I will not say that this is the best I have ever eaten, but it is the one that I will never forget. Although it is an extremely simple combination of ingredients, under the skillful hands of the proprietress, I tasted what is called ordinary and sincere delicacy. Paired with moderately sweet iced black tea, this combination is an authentic Taiwanese morning set meal, which kicks off my day. After eating and drinking, I said goodbye to the proprietress. I stepped out of the store and suddenly a truck drove towards me. When I was about to hit it, I suddenly woke up. It turned out that what I just had was just a dream. While I was secretly glad that I was not hit by a car, I also secretly vowed in my heart that one day I would personally go to taste the delicious breakfast restaurant that lingered in the depths of my mind.

Rich variety of breakfast! Everything is delicious 😋 Freshly made omelets are amazing 👍 Personal preference is egg and cheese! Drizzle with chilli sauce, It's so satisfying😙😙😙

When I looked at the boss lady’s gloved hands taking the money I gave her, Feeling bad inside Regardless of whether the food is delicious or not Personally, I mind the most after touching money and then directly touching food. Unexpectedly, just when my heart is filled with mourning The boss lady went to wash her hands!!!! I instantly became very fond of this breakfast spot! Then add some fried chicken nuggets When the boss lady took it out of the incubator My heart feels dark again I want to say no~~~I want to eat freshly fried food! ! (This guest also has too much inner drama 😂 But back home The chicken nuggets actually taste crunchy and not soft! Life is really full of scares and surprises⋯