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Madou District, Tainan City包師傅手工包子饅頭

Steamed bun shop, at No. 157-6號, Zhongshan Rd, Madou District, Tainan City, 721

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Open Time: 06:00


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I took purple potato and taro buns and mochi sesame buns for takeaway. The skin of the purple sweet potato and taro buns is very fragrant. The stuffed taro paste is made of real materials and solid. You can eat the grainy texture of the taro. The presence of the taro is very high, and the portion is also very large. However, I personally prefer taro paste that is delicate and milky, and this one is better. It is a rough mashed taro, just like a rough man, who likes very real taro fans will definitely like it. Originally, I only wanted to eat sesame buns, and I didn’t want to have other things to spoil the situation, but I found that the store only had one kind of mochi and sesame stuffing, so I bought it to try, because the bun itself is starch, adding mochi will only make it more hold , but this family’s mochi don’t put too much, more sesame filling, and the aroma of the sesame filling is very strong, with a bit of burnt aroma of nut oil, chewing with the dough is really super fragrant and super good, and the fragrance lasts for a long time before it dissipates Go, I personally think there is no extra points for putting mochi, but it does not affect the taste. It is a dispensable role, so I personally hope that the store can make a sesame bun with only sesame seeds.

I bought a steamed stuffed bun, but I brought ten of them home, 💯delicious and recommended👍

The store is clean, and the staff kindly introduced that the buns and steamed buns are very fragrant and full of flavor.