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Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City滿分料理早午餐

Breakfast restaurant, at No. 264, Chongqing St, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, 807

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4.8 (75 comments)


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Open Time: 04:00


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Delicious and cheap

This was my favorite breakfast restaurant when I lived in Kaohsiung for three months. There are many types of breakfast restaurants. When I return to Taipei, I miss my aunt’s pink omelette the most. The aunt and two sons are very kind. Having breakfast here feels full of human touch. The interior environment is also very good. It is clean and has a TV over 50 inches to watch, and there is air conditioning~ The best thing is that you can order food first if you join the line, so you don’t have to wait too long for takeout or takeout. What surprised me most is that their point card discount is very generous, with a discount of 50 yuan. Unlike other orders, it is a drink or a drink. 20-30 discount or something like that I look forward to eating there again when I go to Kaohsiung on a business trip😍

The boss and the hostess are both very polite and kind. I originally thought that there were two seats in the arcade, but the hostess hurriedly ran inside, opened the sliding door, and after a while, invited me to enter the inner seating area. There was a TV and air conditioning. I was really surprised. A unique inner-use area Ordered roasted pork omelet and unhealthy creamer milk tea The egg pancake is a very soft and tender powdered egg pancake. It is topped with the store's special green onion and chili clear soy sauce. After the eggs are mixed with the clear soy sauce, a very old-fashioned fried egg aroma comes to your nostrils. The portion of the egg pancake is quite large. A portion, the clear soy sauce is not overly salty and the taste is just right. It is delicious when paired with the tender roasted pork. The milk tea has an indescribable aroma and tastes just as delicious as usual. When I left, the shopkeepers were all busy, so I walked silently to the door to get on the motorcycle. Only then was I discovered by the boss and the hostess, who called me from the store to the door to say hello, ha! So enthusiastic Roasted Pork Egg Pancake – $50 Milk Tea(M)——$20