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Longjing District, Taichung City龍井府城魷魚羹

Restaurant, at No. 325號, Section 6, Shatian Rd, Longjing District, Taichung City, 434

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4.3 (81 comments)


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Closing Time: 21:00


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I was working in Shalu today. After finishing my work, I checked out what delicious food there was nearby. Then I jumped out of Fucheng Squid Soup. I wanted to come and eat and check it out. When I arrived, the business in the store was actually very good. Fortunately, there were still two empty seats. I sat down. Then I ordered mutton soup noodles, red meat soup noodles, cut squid, pork rice, and hot vegetables! I didn’t order the squid soup because I wanted to order the cut squid. The mutton was quite soft and had a bit of a mutton flavor, which I liked. The red meat soup was really lean meat, unlike some that have a lot of fish paste. The pork rice was added later because The small noodles are really a bit small. I recommend that boys order the larger ones so that they can eat enough. The pork belly is very fragrant and delicious. The cut squid is very crispy and adds some wasabi rice. It tastes right. The soup is slightly sweet after eating. It’s delicious! Fortunately, I didn’t step into a trap. If I have experienced it, I will definitely visit again👍