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Minxiong Township, Chiayi County味芳早餐

Brunch restaurant, at No. 180號, Shennong Rd, Minxiong Township, Chiayi County, 621

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4.2 (54 comments)


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Closing Time: 17:00


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The owner is extremely friendly, I don't know Chinese but I still get enthusiastic support when ordering. The food is pretty cheap too, just 70TWD for 1 burger and 1 milk tea

cheap, big portions

The last time I came here to eat was in 2011... I feel like the aunt is trying very hard to remember who I am, but no matter what, the aunt treats every student like her own child, which is really heartwarming! I have been taken care of by you since I was a student! After 12 years, except for the store update (it feels like the store has been reduced by half, and there is an air-conditioned indoor dining area!), Auntie has really not changed at all, she is still the same cheerful and lively! The price list is only a little more expensive, but the price is still very generous! When I was a student, I once asked my aunt whether I could order toast directly from her. I didn’t expect that my aunt, who made breakfast herself, actually agreed to sell it to me for 30 yuan a piece. In order to save money, I relied on my aunt’s toast for breakfast... But this is a bad example! Good students who want to save money should go to bakeries and hypermarkets to buy toast by themselves! In addition, I really like the mustard sauce at Wei Fang breakfast. It adds an extra flavor than the mayonnaise in the usual breakfast shop, and it is not too choking. If you like to eat sashimi with wasabi, don’t miss it! In addition, alfalfa sprouts are added to burger sandwiches, which is perfect for those who want to eat lettuce as a breakfast staple! Finally, of course, I hope that more students from Zhongzheng will join in with the aunties! Such a good store should continue to be popular! I will definitely eat here again next time I go back to Zhongzheng!