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Jiuru Township, Pingtung County九濎平價小火鍋

Restaurant, at No. 270號, Section 2, Jiuru Rd, Jiuru Township, Pingtung County, 904

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4.4 (33 comments)


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Open Time: 17:00


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tasty! Go again next time.

High CP quality, suitable for petty bourgeoisie The environment is clean and there is a bar (sand tea, chili, green onion, garlic, etc.), black tea, lemon tea, ice bucket, etc. A pot starts at 140 yuan, plus 10 yuan for rice to eat! The soup base of the hot pot is light, and the mouth will not be dry after eating! Most of the pot ingredients are vegetables, which is really great! Healthy and healthy~~~ The staff is also very kind ❤️ Will keep eating it 😍

Delicious and affordable personal hot pot The environment is clean and air-conditioned The spicy pot surprised me Because it is cheap hot pot So don't have high expectations I thought it was spicy enough It turns out that the taste is both numb and spicy👍🏻 You can add soup yourself (pork bone broth) Although the spicy taste will fade away But the soup is still good I feel like eating two pots🤣 There are free rice, drinks (winter melon tea and lemonade), and ice cream (Xiaomei) in the store. The owner of the counter is a very local uncle (like the neighbor who can chat a few words) The two aunts in the field are very polite When I meet eyes, I will nod and say hello to you It's a good meal Will come again 🙂