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Guoxing Township, Nantou County鐵帽咖啡

Cafe, at No. 552之2號, Section 2, Zhongzheng Rd, Guoxing Township, Nantou County, 544

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4.5 (282 comments)


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Stop briefly for a cup of highway coffee on Route 14 of Guoxingxiang Station in Nantou~ Iron Hat Coffee is actually an old cafe that has been open for 18 years. The indoor space is less than 5 square meters! There must be something powerful about him being able to stand firm here. The geographical environment is next to a main road, surrounded by mountains and gurgling streams. The colorful portrait paintings on the exterior of the building are very eye-catching and attract the attention of passersby. When I walked in, I saw cast iron art creations and paintings everywhere, a three-dimensional hat sign made of iron wire, and a hat shape made of iron sheets at the entrance of the cafe. This place has never been seen before, and it was all made by the boss using scrap iron and discarded materials. Made of wood, super cool and unique. They only sell black coffee and latte, and you can choose one of the two for 100 yuan. There is no air-conditioning in the small space and only natural wind. If you can't find the boss when you come, there is an iron hanging outside asking you to ring the bell or call if you want to drink coffee. From the outside to the inside, you can see the owner’s casual personality in these works. If you are passing by, you might as well come and have a cup of coffee and chat with the owner~

Tea and coffee are mutually exclusive to a certain extent, but in the tea town of Nantou, there are many coffee shops, and the total number may not exceed hundreds. However, what we want to introduce are three cafes that are inconspicuous in appearance and located in desolate locations, but their business is frighteningly good. People who have walked through the Zhongtan Highway must be impressed by the countless tunnels along the way. Walking from Caotun to Puli, after passing the second tunnel, look to the left and you can see two exterior buildings. There are unremarkable coffee shops, one is called "Iron Hat Coffee" and the other is called "Shantop Coffee". These two coffee shops are so simple that they don't even have a house number. The owner of Iron Hat Coffee, named Yu Shengtian, has been running the coffee shop for more than ten years. "Iron Hat Coffee" opened not long ago on September 21. The entire coffee shop may be less than five pings in size, and the structure It was built with scrap iron and discarded wood, and it would be too crowded if only three or five big men were squeezed into it. Yu Shengtian said that what he likes most from his experience in operating coffee shops for more than ten years is that the business of coffee shops should never be too good, so he deliberately designed the space to be small in order to shorten the distance with customers and generate good interaction. Unexpectedly, this concept is also liked by many customers. Therefore, since the opening of Iron Hat Coffee, there has been an endless stream of customers. Come to Iron Hat to "drink coffee and chat about right and wrong", and enjoy the freehand pleasure that human feelings are stronger than coffee. Everyone has a short heart-to-heart chat , Leaving all the trivial matters of the world outside the coffee shop. The coffee house on the top of the hill is less than ten meters away from Tiemao Coffee. Its biggest feature is that all the coffee it sells is local coffee grown in Huisunlin. The owner Wang Shujin said that the appearance of the mountaintop coffee is not very conspicuous, but the scenery is first-class. In front of the coffee shop is the beautiful valley of Wuxi River, and on the opposite side is the famous Jiujiufeng landscape. A cup of mellow local coffee brewed with Puli mountain spring water could not be more comfortable. On the Beishan section of Zhongtan Highway, "Red Bridge Left Bank Cafe" is nestled next to the red suspension bridge on the left bank of Wuxi River, which is the origin of the name of the cafe. Red tiles, white walls, sloping roofs, towering tree shades, colorful flowers and ingenious terraces facing the stream make people feel as leisurely as they are in a Swiss chalet. The six tables in the store are often full, and they go to the tree-lined terrace outside. A customer said that having a cup of coffee on the left bank of the Red Bridge is like being in a paradise. Compared with the rushing traffic on the Zhongtan Highway, he suddenly realized that he was so happy.

very chilled quaint coffee shop with a great view