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Guanyin District, Taoyuan City羊一茶 觀音店

Bubble tea store, at No. 178-5號, Section 2, Daguan Rd, Guanyin District, Taoyuan City, 328

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On a rainy day, go out and contact the public. One second in Guanyin Cao Luo😂 I heard that Yangyi tea is very popular recently😆 We have come to Guanyin, of course we can’t miss this signature roasted Bubble milk tea🤤 See how it tastes different from the one in Osaka 😂😂 After drinking it, I feel that the taste is super good, and the baked Bulei milk tea is really delicious Even the cup is carefully looked at: matte material. very healing The brown sugar pearls are also delicious and delicious! The price is about 70 yuan, but it is really delicious. This time I bought the Hefeng Red Bean Dapanyaki for 23 yuan. also delicious There are really many kinds of tastes, and people who like it can really satisfy many tastes here at once! Duoduo green tea is also quite delicious. It uses genuine Yakult Black tea is also good Worth revisiting!

Today I ordered roasted Bulei milk tea and green tea. The roasted Bulei milk tea is unexpectedly delicious. The scent of green tea is even more refreshing and relieves greasy. The tea scent is full. not astringent

A few days ago, I saw the opening of a new store, and with the mentality of trying something new, I ordered the Japanese Shizuoka matcha latte, the signature roasted brulee milk tea, and the chestnut and pumpkin tamari. After eating it, I was really surprised that you can drink it in Taiwan. Delicious tea drinks that you have never seen in ordinary tea shops. It is recommended that if you want to buy it, don't miss it. The texture of chestnut and pumpkin daiban-yaki is comparable to the chestnut and pumpkin dishes I could only eat in Hokkaido before. I look forward to buying it another day.