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Fuxing District, Taoyuan City谷點咖啡民宿Goodian Coffee,Bed & Breakfast

Bed & breakfast, Coffee shop at 336, Taoyuan City, Fuxing District, 華陵里巴崚8鄰30號

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4.6 (1169 comments)


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The overall environment is good. The design and modernity of the rooms in the second building should be among the best in the mountainous area. The rooms are spacious and the design is relatively new. The beds are also designed as elevated Japanese-style rooms, making it very suitable for families. Coupled with the mountain view from the large floor-to-ceiling windows, it is the scenery you should have when staying in the mountains. It's a pity that it's a bit hot from direct sunlight in the morning, otherwise I would really want to sit there for a longer time. However, the cost of accommodation in mountainous areas is relatively high, and there are still many small details that I hope can be improved. 1. The price is based on per person, but children actually don’t consume much food or use many consumables, but they are charged the same fee as adults. Generally, hotels charge a child fee (non-adult fee) for children over 6 years old. Please provide this for reference. 2. The price includes dinner. Although it is convenient, it is inferior to some B&Bs in Cingjing that include meals, and there is no special mountain cuisine. The food is lightly seasoned and not greasy, but the food is relatively simple to heat and prepare, rather than the freshly stir-fried dishes like restaurant dishes. Breakfast is a buffet breakfast, simple but filling (the sauce needs to be chilled~~~~~it will break easily if it is reused and left overnight) 3. There is a small paddling pool. The cold mountain spring water allows children to have fun in the summer. The only drawback is that the pool does not seem to be cleaned regularly. There will be some slippery moss on the bottom of the pool. 4. The price of the hotel, the style of the B&B, but I didn’t feel the enthusiasm of the B&B... I never met the owner to chat. (The boss should be the young man who checked in?) 5. It’s really time to change the towels… there are black spots on them 6. The slippers in the room are red and white. It is not hygienic to reuse them and I don’t dare to wear them. It is recommended that paper slippers be provided or not provided. 7. The signature store dog, the Corgi, is very well-behaved and cute. 8. Balcony railings can be hot to the touch under direct sunlight during the day, so be careful. Most merchants will reply if they have dissatisfaction and hope to report it on the spot, but to be honest, what can be changed if they report it on the spot? Sometimes, it just makes themselves frustrated, or even makes both parties unhappy. Only public responses provided for reference by merchants and other travelers will be true opinions with reference value. When I write down these experiences, I do so with real experience, hoping to be a reference for tourists and store owners who are interested in coming, rather than to please the store owners. But after reading the other comments below, I deeply feel that the store's responses are really polarizing. If the reply is written with five stars, it is usually a friendly reply from the store and praises the customer. But if there are missing stars, although others do not understand the whole story, it seems that the store's reply is not very friendly. I hope that Gudian can improve further so that guests can recommend it to other friends to experience it. ————— add The boss's reply made people feel very sincere. I hope to have the opportunity to visit again in the future. He also recommended again that the design of the new building is indeed spacious and convenient.

Even though it has been about a month since the check-in date, the beautiful scenery of the homestay, the view of the villa without dead ends, the lush forest covered with greenery, and the singing of insects and birds are still vivid in my mind; although the breakfast and dinner prepared by the homestay It’s simple tea and light food, but it has endless aftertaste; the owners of the homestay treat people sincerely and can feel their heart in running the homestay seriously. It was a perfect accommodation experience for me! Thank you for such a comfortable stay. Next time, I must twist more gashapons XDD

The B&B is beautifully designed and furnished, and the meals are delicious! The view in the guest room is also quite good. Just enjoying the window view in the room is worth the fare, and there are also interesting collections by the owner of the homestay, which makes people feel that this is not just a place to stay, but also a walk in the entire homestay park. They are all very comfortable~ The owner of the homestay is also very enthusiastic. He will take the initiative to care about the accommodation situation or introduce surrounding attractions. It is a very warm and comfortable place