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Wujie Township, Yilan County鐵人三星蔥牛肉麵館 五結總店

Chinese noodle restaurant, at No. 549號, Section 3, Wujie Rd, Wujie Township, Yilan County, 26845

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4.3 (978 comments)


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Open Time: 10:30


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The store recommended by my brother is located near the Luodong Interchange, and there is an exclusive free parking lot next to the store. It is quite convenient to drive here. The well-built boss smiled and greeted the customers softly, making the customers feel at ease. I believe he should be the owner of the triathlon medals hanging in front of the store. Let’s talk about the side dishes first. Today I ordered stewed tofu, kelp, and pig’s ear to try the store’s effort. The result is quite satisfying, the side dishes are quite fragrant, and the brothers ate everything. There is also a Coke machine, you can drink carbonated drinks in the store~ This is the first time I come here today, so Zhu Xiu ordered the signature beef noodles (130, plus 20 more noodles) to test the water temperature. The beef noodles are quite a big bowl, and they are very eye-catching when served on the table. The beef brisket is spread on the bowl of noodles, and the meat is tender and tender, which is quite refreshing. The noodles used are my favorite homemade thick noodles, and the taste is quite full and elastic. In addition, the soup is also good. It can be tasted with traditional Chinese medicine and stewed, but it does not take away the original flavor of beef. Friends who love soup must remember to refill the soup~ One small episode was that during the meal, the air-conditioning in the store was insufficient, and the guests were sweating profusely. It was not until the guests at the next table could not stand it and reported to the store that the service staff turned on the air-conditioning of the largest table in the store to solve the overheating problem. It’s really not too refreshing to eat beef noodles with the whole body hot. It is suggested that the store should take the initiative to turn on the air conditioner during the peak meal time. If the customer responds, it is usually too hot, leaving a bad impression.