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Fengshan District, Kaohsiung CityRÊVE black floating coffee shop in Kaohsiung Wenshan

Italian restaurant, Cafe at No. 489, Wenheng Rd, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City, 830

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4.4 (3450 comments)


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Open Time: 09:00


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There is a window seat and a good atmosphere. It is a suitable place for chatting and gathering. Spicy white wine clam pasta has the aroma of onions and dried chili peppers and the umami flavor of clams. The noodles have just the right texture. It’s a dish I like very much. Hokkaido Scallops, Prawns and Pumpkin Stewed Rice is made from Italian-Thailand long rice. Fresh scallops and large prawns are carefully selected. Pumpkin is added and simmered slowly. Friends said that the rice has a strong pumpkin aroma and the scallops are sweet and tender! 3/1-3/31 There is a limited edition rose mousse waffle. Check in or tag #我在黑float to create romance🌹 and you can purchase an additional copy for $99 (each account can only be used once) ex: 3 for three times Versailles rose mousse waffles, rose whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream hidden inside. The waffles are crispy and have mochi inside, which is delicious!

The coffee is very delicious. The Expresso recommended by the service staff is surprisingly delicious. It is an Expresso with cocoa added, and then put into iced milk. If no extra sugar is added, it will be a bit bitter but sweet coffee. The taste will not become bitter or sour after a period of time. It is recommended that people who like coffee taste medium and bitter to order their Expresso Latte. Ice Diamond Latte is also a latte made with ice drip coffee. It's delicious. The food is not bad. The cheese baked eggs in the green sauce tastes good. The cheese is really good. The bread and their pumpkin soup are very good.

Big push muffins! won't taste dry Crispy on the outside, the mochi inside is delicious! The environment is very comfortable~ The food tastes pretty good 😋 The service staff has a good attitude and is very diligent in replenishing water