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West District, Taichung City解憂老宅

Brunch restaurant, Coffee shop at No. 36號, Zizhi St, West District, Taichung City, 403

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4.5 (558 comments)


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Open Time: 09:00


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Antique Japanese-style old house👉An old house that relieves worries💖 I like being in the atmosphere of this old Japanese house. Came twice. I also came here several times when I was using the optical pickup machine. Special ramp entrance. It also almost completely retains the style of the old house. When the backyard sliding door is fully open... The wind came directly in~ (I like it very much) But it adds a bit more flavor. Sitting in the same seat~ The first time I ate here was fruit mochi waffles with hot latte. This time I made a special trip to have a meal~ The meals reflect the delicate thoughts of the cook. Especially today’s clam chowder. Hehe~ Curry rice is actually quite suitable to be paired with thick soup. Modern people need 💖relief from worries💖 👉Japanese curry rice Thick curry sauce served with egg white rice. Today's curry felt pretty good. It's a bit of a pity~ The soup store used too much black pepper (I have reported this to the store). The taste buds are attacked by a lot of pepper. However, this curry is not bad when you taste it slowly! It's different when you cook it yourself. The curry still has a bit of spiciness! Add $30 to today's soup when ordering Today it’s clam chowder. As a soup lover, I was a little disappointed with this black pepper. I can also vaguely feel the freshness and sweetness of clams. Without the pepper, it would be a perfectly pure soup. 👉Fruit muffins Full of seasonal fruits to match, mochi-flavored waffles. And a ball of ice cream! I prefer thick waffles~ Actually, I can also make mochi waffles! 👉Worry-Relief Latte A cup of coffee in exchange for a peaceful morning tea time. Lightly, gently, without leaving a trace. Busy holiday morning~ Being in this old house, I feel peaceful inside.


Historical house, a Japanese style old house, a great place to visit. Relaxing, calm, comfortable, nostalgic environment. You can stay here whole day and would not feel bored. Coffee is good, tea is good too. The outdoor area is good too, best fit for the winter time.