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South District, Tainan City是吉祥精緻火鍋館

Hot pot restaurant, at No. 128號, Xinxiao Rd, South District, Tainan City, 702

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4.3 (4121 comments)


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Closing Time: 21:00


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This is a very good Taiwanese hot pot shop, the price non high, the service speed was good. And also the taste was good, if your finding some good hot pot, recommend to visit.

My first time and it will be there often. I gave boss a koala from Australia….. beautiful beautiful place to eat

IG: Molly_Foodie_Life This hotpot restaurant‼ ️ It can also be included in the queue of famous restaurants in Tainan🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️ Look at the crowds of people waiting outside So scary 🙀🙀 listen to friends This is a hot pot restaurant with a very high CP value. So even after queuing for 40 minutes🤯 I am also willing to wait🤤🤤 · It is auspicious and has seats upstairs and downstairs on both sides. There are actually a lot of seats But because business is so good So it’s still a long wait😢 Come and eat today to see what magic makes everyone willing to wait. · ▶It’s the lucky kombu hotpot (beef)🥘 First time here today 1️⃣ So I ordered the most basic soup to try ✅ And the soup of this pot of kombu pot It’s so fragrant😍😍 The soup tastes quite sweet😋 The smell of kombu and bonito is really strong You can also see the shopkeeper making soup on the other side. The meat quality of beef is also quite good👍👍 Very fresh meat The portion is also quite large😁 The dish part includes: 🥗 Cabbage, lettuce, enoki mushrooms, corn, tofu and hot pot ingredients And an egg 🥚 The ingredients are quite rich After ordering hot pot? The store will give you a pot of tea🍵 This tea tastes very special I asked the store and it turned out to be red date tea❗️ As soon as I heard it, I drank immediately Such a healthy tea❤️ There was even dessert after the meal It seems to be rice cakes topped with brown sugar☺️☺️ It is indeed a hotpot restaurant worth queuing for. I will try other flavors of hot pot next time I come here. Share it with everyone again💯💯