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Douliu City, Yunlin County老東家重慶麻辣鍋斗六店

Hot pot restaurant, at 640, Yunlin County, Douliu City, 成功二街2號

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4.5 (330 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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During a search for Douliu Mala Hot Pot, I stumbled across this restaurant. Choose two out of five soups to make a mandarin duck pot. It is recommended to choose spicy to match the other, because the spicy soup can be refilled with spicy duck blood and tofu for free. I also tried the sauerkraut white meat pot. It is also a classic. Another kind of health-preserving Bak Kut Teh pot will put a whole big bone in, which is very sweet. At present, there is still a meat plate to choose from when you check in. The ingredients in the store are a la carte. It is recommended not to choose comprehensive mushrooms because the price is relatively cheap High, you can choose a mixed vegetable plate, because it contains mushrooms. For meat, each person can choose a small plate to share. I like old fried dough sticks and bean curd (the natural kind). The drink is unlimited supply of winter melon and lemon. If you sit on the second floor, drinks will be served in jugs. There is a service bell on the table that you can ring (it may be slower if the store is busy). Oh~ On average, it’s about 250-350 per person, which is much cheaper than famous stores such as Old Sichuan or Dingwang.

I chose this room for a dinner with my friends. I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't expect Douliu to have such a delicious spicy pot. Authentic spicy hot pot bottom with delicious duck blood and tofu are fragrant and delicious, and can be refilled for free! The a la carte meat plate is very fresh and does not smell fishy, ​​and the attitude of the service staff is also very good! I will bring my family to eat together some other day~