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East District, Tainan City帝王食補 東門店

Hot pot restaurant, Macrobiotic restaurant at No. 184號, Section 2, Dongmen Rd, East District, Tainan City, 701

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4.3 (203 comments)


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You can choose light wine or heavy wine when ordering ginger duck soup. Light wine has only a little taste of wine. After adding cabbage, the soup turns sweet and has almost no wine taste. People who don’t drink alcohol can also accept it. The soup is very rich and can be refilled indefinitely. It is not greasy but very moist, delicious! The black ginseng chicken soup is also very sweet and not bad, but you can only refill the soup once for free (a small soup bowl, about the same amount as ordinary noodle soup), and you will need to add 30 yuan for another refill. People who like to drink soup may consider it. The dry noodle noodles are mixed with oil and sesame, which is very fragrant, but the taste is hard. It is best to eat it as soon as it is hot on the table. Rice blood is very Q, I recommend Taiping Yan Dumpling and Philip. Later, I saw that the customer at the next table asked the boss for another can of seasoning sauce (called soy milk? Or something, an orange plastic bottle), and borrowed it to dip a little bit. It is a bit spicy but goes well with various side dish ingredients. I highly recommend it! ! But there seems to be only one jar in the store. You have to talk to the boss about it. I hope the boss will consider making it a regular supply. This sauce is really good. The service attitude is very good and friendly, and I will try other pot bottoms next time.

The ginger taste is enough, the soup is rich, and there is a lot of sesame oil

Delicious 😋