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Zuoying District, Kaohsiung CityHaidilao Kaohsiung Arena Branch

Hot pot restaurant, Restaurant at 813, Kaohsiung City, Zuoying District, Bo-ai 2nd Rd, 767號6樓

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4.6 (5297 comments)


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Closing Time: 04:00


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Come here often, must eat once a week The service staff Xu Shaozhe is very kind👍

The best hotpot soup in Taiwan. Service and foods are best. The price is worth it.

Finally waiting for you! Haidilao, which has a lot of advertising, finally started its trial operation on 9/15🈵️🈵️🈵️The phone is super difficult to make, and you have to wait until October to make a reservation! See how much more than that 🤣I went to get the number plate at 2 o'clock this afternoon, the clerk told me that 400 number plates have been issued in the morning, and the round in the evening will only be completed after the round in the morning is completed today! I almost died~~ Fortunately, I didn't give up and waited until 7 o'clock to eat it❤️ There are many kinds of soups. We chose the four-square grid. The upper left is kombu pot (lighter), the lower left is spicy hot pot, the upper right is sauerkraut pot, and the lower right is Sanxian pot. The price of the bottom of the pot is different. Ours is $475 #油派拉外头 (half portion) $185 A half serving is for 2-3 people, I think 2.3 people can order a half serving and eat together, and you can eat a lot of variety! Slippery cow! ! Shop sign! ! Must order! ! The beef needs to be boiled for 5 minutes~why~I don't know because the clerk said it! But it's true, because it's really not that delicious if it's not cooked for 5 minutes, it will be hard, which is leaning towards chewy meat, but not chai #Boutique Fat Beef (half portion) $165 The other one is the bull pushed by the clerk~ This one is sliced ​​very thin, and it won’t burn after cooking for a long time, and it’s also very tender! Both are delicious, but the taste is different #花枝油 (half portion) $160 #Plum Blossom Pork (half portion) $145 #Pork belly (half portion) $135 #Baby corn (half portion) $65 There is not much difference in the taste of pork! almost the same #Vegetable platter (half portion) $110 #Fresh shrimp (half portion) $240 The prawns are really fresh, sweet and crispy, and not sticky to the shell. I don’t know why it’s inserted with a bamboo stick, but we cook it together with the bamboo stick, and it’s very convenient to peel the shell with our mouth haha #Old Youtiao Half $80 I think the old fritters are ready after soaking for 5 seconds It will still retain the crispy feeling after frying, and the tenderness after soaking in the soup #洛派罗面 $88 The noodle is made on the spot with a piece of dough that has been stretched to become very long and then divided into sections. It is very Q and very thin, so it must be ordered! #Silver silk roll (half portion) $50 The sweet one must be ordered, the skin is crispier than the outside, and it won't feel greasy! ((It looks very true, it really won’t be eaten if you eat it #Brown sugar glutinous rice cake $100 Because the name is so special, the clerk said it was rice cake, but I think it looks like a long sesame ball ((hahahaha Very Q but not sweet in itself, because I have the impression that fried rice cakes are sweet in themselves, no wonder there is additional brown sugar