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Yilan City, Yilan County宜蘭三媽臭臭鍋東港店

Hot pot restaurant, at No. 198號, Section 2, Donggang Rd, Yilan City, Yilan County, 260

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4.2 (118 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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The decorations here is better than the other chain stores. Besides, the food and atmosphere is value for money as well

Delicious, keep eating it

1. I ordered the seafood hotpot. The shrimps were fresh and the clams spit clean. It is highly recommended. 2. The store manager Xiao Xiao (the owner’s son and daughter from an elementary school) is very considerate to his customers: when he sees his three-year-old child crying inexplicably (maybe he is sleepy?), he will take the initiative to comfort him with his own toys and candies. This trick works! Let the guests’ children turn from crying to laughing in an instant😄. In addition, the boss's youngest daughter will take the initiative to lead the way and turn on the lights in the bathroom when she sees the guests looking for a place to wash their hands. I feel that the boss and his whole family treat the guests warmly like friends.. 3. The hygienic dining environment is commendable. It is one of the cleanest small hot pot restaurants I have seen👍What’s even more surprising is that every table is considerate of the guests and has toilet paper hanging on it. There is no need for guests to get up if they suddenly get soup on their mouths. Find toilet paper. (There are pictures and the truth) 4. The hard-working boss lady has already worn a waist protector and is busy preparing meals. I hope she can take the time to take care of her body while being busy... and get well soon🙏