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Central District, Taichung CityTaiwan Chen Hot Pot

Hot pot restaurant, Restaurant at No. 23號, Lane 81, Section 1, Taiwan Blvd, Central District, Taichung City, 400

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4.4 (2365 comments)


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Closing Time: 22:30


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I was craving some hotpot so I found this place online, not knowing that it was a special type of hotpot (for me at least). I always love trying out new foods so I was excited to taste this one! Luckily they had an English menu and with the help of some pictures we could order 👍. Staff is friendly and because it's a very busy/ popular spot amongst locals they work very quick. I recommend this place for foreigners who love hotpot and want to try an unique one that you can't easily find abroad. The taste and experience is truly an adventure. I learned a lot by looking how other people ate it!

It’s a meal in a truly welcoming environment. The starter broth is fantastic. The ingredients are fresh. And the staff is more than helpful. The majority of seating is outside on the alley and there is a lot more space than it might appear. Take your time to figure it out and they will treat you right. We ordered pork, squid, shrimps and tofu to go with our veggies. All was as you would expect. Squid was very fresh - don’t overcook! An excellent experience. Thank you to the staff for making us welcome.

Visited on 31st July for dinner during a 🌧️ rainstorm(perfect weather for hotpot). Only indoor seats available due to the rain, was lucky to grab a table at around 6pm. Ordered Shrimp wantan Beef slices Pork slices Pork stomach/lungs Pig blood cubes Cuttlefish balls Fresh oysters Big tray of mixed fresh vegetables Taiwan beer Staff are very prompt and move quick. Nicely told me not to over order and 4 dishes is enough for the 3 of us but I went ahead to order more dishes anyway. Hotpot starts off with a light broth that gets flavourful as you cook more food in it.