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Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City品益合樂屋 日本料理

Japanese restaurant, at No. 267號, Ziqiang 3rd Rd, Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City, 801

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4.1 (442 comments)


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Open Time: 11:30


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"Pin Yi He Le House - Japanese Cuisine" The Japanese restaurant near the Hanshin main building has been waiting for a long time because I work nearby! The seemingly inconspicuous little shop was finally taken aback~ It can be included in the love shop💕 ⚠️Detailed articles are exclusively for fans⚠️ ❣️#铁炮Sushi $480 (current price) In fact, it is very cost-effective because it is two meals, one is sushi and the other is salad ~ Tie Pao Sushi is sushi made with medium rolls. There are so many shrimp eggs that are full of them. The taste is very special. You can eat the sweetness of the medium rolls. The elasticity, the crispness of the gherkin, the taste of the shrimp eggs, there are many layers, and the portion is also! ❣️ Mentaiko White Shrimp $160 The top is a bit like gratin, it is thickly coated with mentaiko sauce, and there is a shrimp hidden in it. Every bite is like shrimp and mentaiko dancing around the mouth~ ❣️#鲜蚵沉扬 $90 The inside is full of oysters, and the outside is covered with fried seaweed, which is a super bonus! ! The aroma of seaweed is coming out, and the oysters are also full~ ❣️Banana Shrimp Yang $80 This is very special✨Banana has no sense of disobedience at all, the taste is very special but also delicious😋 It is quite a powerful dish ❣️#Mentaizi Teyu $200 The appearance is very similar to chicken wings with rice! The content has been changed to a whole big upgrade🤪 ❣️#土瓶热 $80 Japanese food must drink! Adding more lemon will taste better ❣️#Shallot Tuna Kalu $100 This current dish is super delicious, the crispy French bread, paired with raw tuna and salad, super recommended 🤩

It seemed to be a nice Japan-style restaurant in Kaohsiung. Not too big, but basically you can find what you want. We ordered several meals back home. Foods in boxes were all in good conditions, including the raw fish (sashimi). I guess the pandemic period improved the food packaging for many restaurants.

Dining in downtown Kaohsiung, this is a delicious freshly cooked restaurant. Although sometimes the meal takes a long time, I personally and my family feel that it is still within the meal time. My granddaughter loves the fish fillet in front of me. Personally, I think the steamed egg is the most delicious, the salmon fried rice is also good, the wolfberry leaves are very special and delicious, and other dishes are also good. There are 7 people in my family, and we eat here at least 1 to 2 times a month. Seats Not much, the space is small, and the number of guests can still be accommodated. I personally rate this restaurant as one of the best in Kaohsiung City.